My favorite kind of clients to work with:
“As a 60 year old professional musician, I find the services of Lori Marie Prior indispensable. The massage she performs makes it possible to keep going week after week throughout my season. She tailors the work to what is going on with my body. She is great at what she does.” Wayne Roden, Viola section, San Francisco Symphony
Client Susan: recovering from a broken shoulder. Before her first session she could not move her arm away from her body and she was having some incredible muscle spasms. After the session she could start to put her arm behind her and the spasms were completely gone.

Client Doug: Ironman tri-athelete. After 7-8 miles his knee would tighten up and then have shooting pain. After his first session he was able to run the next morning for 8 miles with no tightening and no pain!!!!

Client Debra: Had really bad neck pain. After working on her for a while the friend that referred her to me said, “What did you do to Debra? Ever since I referred her to you she’s always in such a great mood!!!” “Well we were able to get her out of pain so she could fully enjoy the awesome life she had created!!!”

Client Christine: Recovering from hip replacement surgery. “I slept more comfortably. I slept through the night without waking up because my back wasn’t in pain like it was. It lasted and I felt good all week long!!!”

Client Janet: “My appointment with you this week was really incredible and you helped my upper body and left shoulder relax a lot. My Dr. referred me to a PT and I am waiting to get in with the one you suggested. The PT will be great but I really benefit from your Massage Therapy as well.”

Client Scott: (Had surgery induced sciatica.) Had “debilitating pain.” Made it difficult to work as sitting was painful and he was an estimator for his own company which required lots of driving. I was able to make his pain disappear and also give him stretches to help him maintain his comfort level. So much so that he does the stretches now and rarely needs a follow up appointment! I was happy to lose the regular business!

Client Stan: Bedbound senior client. Had such painful sciatica he couldn’t turn over in his bed without crying out. After his first session he could turn over without even wincing!!