Since 1995, I have had a thriving massage therapy practice in the lovely Historical Burbank Gardens neighborhood in Santa Rosa.  I became interested in Massage Therapy after I had a repetitive shoulder injury in the early 1990s.  I was trained in massage therapy at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA, where I later became a teacher.  NHI’s program covers both Eastern and Western modalities.  I have also attended trainings with John Barnes, PT, in Myofascial Release techniques.  My specialties include sports massage, trigger point massage, Myofascial release and massage for chronic pain and injuries.  I love helping people recover from injuries and using my problem solving skills to develop a plan to return them to their natural, pain-free, state of being.

Pressure scale

The old mind set is “No pain no gain.”  I believe, if you can’t relax with whatever pressure I am doing then I need to adjust my pressure.  I can adjust my pressure anywhere from 1 to 10 – 1 being so light, you’ll never come back again; 10 is so heavy, you’ll want to hit me and never come back again.  Working together, I will apply the right pressure so that you receive optimal results from your massage.

Modesty and draping

Getting a massage for the first time can be intimidating.  If you or someone you know is modest or concerned with feeling exposed, I am able to do a very effective massage while someone is fully clothed.  Some of my clients feel more comfortable wearing gym shorts or sweats.  Your comfort is my greatest concern.  I have also been trained in draping techniques that prevent my clients from feeling exposed.

Check in each time

I enjoy solving problems. By discussing your daily routines and extra activities we can develop a plan to address your needs.  By using a combination of sensitive deep tissue and trigger points as well as sports stretching and simple exercises to be done at  home we can offset some of the postures you are in all day which may be contributing to your pain. Each time you see me for a session may be different depending on your needs. If you are coming in with an injury I may do some very specific medical type massage techniques. If you just need some stress reduction we can tailor you session to a more relaxing massage.  It is important that I find out from you your particular needs for that day.

Athletes and sports massage

I also enjoy working with athletes.  I have clients who are tri-athletes, runners and cyclists.  I have worked with baseball pitchers, gymnasts and competitive cheerleaders.  I work with athletes pre-event and post-event and also as maintenance, in between events or in between workouts. One of my clients gets a sore low back whenever she is training for a long run, so we work together to keep her back feeling healthy so she can continue training. I have participated as a massage therapist at Barb’s Race and the Ironman events held annually in Sonoma County, working with the competing athletes post-event.  In the past few years, my appreciation of the injuries sustained by athletes has increased as I have been a participant in the Ukiah Tri, CIM, and other races.  I have trained and been a leader with the local Jill be Nimble group, taken classes at Fleet Feet and am a member of the Empire Runners.

Keep you healthy and safe

I feel very comfortable working with all kinds of issues and I know when to refer you to someone else.  I have worked with a medical doctor who specialized in pain management care and many chiropractors in Sonoma County and I have been exposed to a lot of different levels of pain and discomfort. This experience helps me to know what is safe to work on and when I need to refer you to someone else.  Your health and well-being are my greatest concern and if I can’t help you I want to make sure you are directed to someone who can.  I can provide you with referrals to wonderful practitioners of chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, and more.