Welcome to Massage From Within

Are you:

  • A health conscious person and desire to live life fully, with energy and excitement?
  • Normally an active person and want to exercise enthusiastically and dynamically?
  • Someone who prefers not to rely on pain medications?
  • Someone who wants to take an active part in your recovery process?
  • Someone who recognizes that Massage Therapy may be that missing link needed to fill the gap where traditional treatments may be lacking?

Do you want to:

  • Live life more fully?
  • Enjoy every moment?
  • Run when you want to run?
  • Sleep more soundly and peacefully?
  • Have more energy and enthusiasm for your life?
  • Be active once again; play golf, go biking with your kids or crawl around on the floor with your grandkids?

Massage From Within

  • Partners with health conscious people like you helping them to blaze their trail through the maze of confusing and intimidating medical information.
  • Works with health conscious people to build a session that meets your specific needs.
  • I design custom sessions that synergize and even compliment other treatments you may be currently using, whether it’s chiropractic, pain medications or physical therapy.

Here’s what a client recently wrote:
“As a 60 year old professional musician, I find the services of Lori Marie Prior indispensable. The massage she performs makes it possible to keep going week after week throughout my season. She tailors the work to what is going on with my body. She is great at what she does.” Wayne Roden Viola section San Francisco Symphony